About Us

Wall Art has been working passionately in the field of gilding for more than a decade now, providing excellent service and solutions to customers all over the country. Wall Art comprises of a team of unique artists, graphic designers, and talented applicators working under the guidance of experienced experts serving customers including architects, interior designers, project heads and individual clients all across the country.
We provide our customers an option to choose from both, 18 karat gold leaf as well as imitation gold leaf. We can also create special effects while burnishing like smooth, crackle, crushed, antique, oxidized, colored, textured finish or combination of special effects, as per the customer’s requirement.

The Team

Wall Art has an experience of working at more than 30 locations across the country. We also work on contract with several talented artisans across the country, whenever required.
We can proudly say that we can cater to any kind of special effect requirement at any project.

Why Us?

Gilding is an extremely delicate and fine art. Only an experienced team can create the finesse required to meet the definition of perfection. We are equipped to work on almost any material, like wood, fiberglass, metals, glass, MDF and others. We at Wall Art, are committed to provide our customers with not only the best quality of material but also perfect execution. We also promise to deliver our clients with the best of experience.
At Wall Art Pvt. Ltd., we have our priorities very clear. We value customer satisfaction, for we believe, a happy customer is the surest way to success. Therefore, you shall find our team of experts and supervisors at every step to help and guide you attain your desired result. Because here at Wall Art, we really listen to you

Ref: http://www.lagoldleaf.com/ for Technical details