Gold Silver Leaf

As the ancient Greek fable go, once upon a time a king named Midas desired a wish from the God of Wine…
A wish that, whatever he touched should turn into gold….
And the wish was granted!
That’s how old human love is for Gold!
And we know it.
So here at Wall Art we help people relish this love by bringing Gold and Silver into their daily lives!
Their homes, furniture, artifacts, jewelry, walls, lamps, windows, glass, domes, ceilings anything, you name it and we make it for you into gold with the touch of Midas!
We derive our fundamentals from the roots – the traditional style of gilding, but our vision is ever evolving and contemporary. Thus we can take care of our client's requirements with solid traditional base work combined with modern sensibilities.

We can deliver you transcendental results on all of the following